PSA Rules + Regulations

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For the safety and convenience of everybody please follow the PSA community rules. If you have a question please contact a member of the PSA Board. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Community Rules

No ball/ frisbee or other recreational playing except in ball field.

All trash must be removed by members and guests, there are no trash facilities in PSA’s common areas.

Porta potties shall be used solely for the intended purpose. No smoking allowed in a porta potty unit.

Members use the beach and lake water at their own risk. All children must be supervised by adults. There are no lifeguards at PSA.

Swimming is permitted within the lake area designated by the swim lines.

No swimming or diving is permitted from the dock or from boats in the dock or mooring areas.

No fires are allowed.

No glass containers shall be permitted on the beach.

The beach closes each day at 10PM with exceptions allowed with the approval of PSA’s board of directors.

Water skiing from the beach and docks is prohibited.

Washing of one’s clothing, body or hair is prohibited near the beach area.

No watercraft other than plastic, rubber or similar type craft shall be used within or near the area reserved for swimming.

Small crafts [canoes, paddle boats, rowboats and PWCs] shall be kept away from the swim area, should not block/prevent access to the approved ramp and stored in the area provided. Members and renters must either register and affix a tag provided by the association for their small watercraft or clearly mark the craft with the owner’s last name and address.

Unregistered / unmarked small watercraft will be removed at the owner’s expense


PSA requires that all dogs be leashed whenever outside of the member’s home or vehicle.

Members/renters must also minimize unreasonable pet noise levels and be deferential to children and adults that may have an aversion to certain pets.

Pets are not allowed on the
beach (including adjacent grassy area) and swimming area, the ball yard, tennis courts, or in the PSA recreational hall.

Members/renters must pick up all pet droppings and dispose of the droppings on their own premises in a way that complies with town laws.

Leashed dogs may accompany a member/renter on the dock for purposes of accessing a member’s boat.

Noise Levels

Members/renters must manage recreational noise levels and the conduct of its guests whether emanating from their property, or from common areas, at levels that respect their neighbors’ privacy and well-being.

PSA is a tightly developed community that requires strict adherence to this policy along with the observance of quiet time which restricts any unreasonable noise or conduct before 8 AM or after 11 PM of each day.

Dock Rules

No signs, other than those installed by Patrician Shores Association are to be attached to the docks.

No overnight docking is allowed in guest docking area and violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Boats are not allowed in areas that are not designated docking spaces.

“No trespassing” signs have been posted and violators will be towed.

Use of the guest docking area shall be limited to no more than four hours.

Launching or retrieving of boats is prohibited in any area of Patrician Shores. An exception is PWCs launched from the approved ramp and small crafts launched from the open areas adjacent to the PWC ramp.

The fueling of any watercraft from the dock or beach areas is strictly prohibited.

Swimming around the boat area is prohibited.

Water skiing from the docks is prohibited.

Children must be supervised by adults. No lifeguard on duty.

Washing of one’s clothing, body or hair is prohibited at the boat area.

Soaps and cleaners are prohibited for use in the docking area.

Boat length is limited to 24 feet. Boat width (or beam) is limited to 8 feet, 6 inches. The method of determining boat length shall be strictly governed by the Handbook of Boating Laws and Responsibilities as published from time to time by the NH Department of Safety’s Marine Patrol.

The criteria used to determine boat length, including pontoon boats, catamarans and all multi-hull boats, will be defined by the length over all (LOA) in the manufacturer’s specification sheet.

Tennis Court Rules

Tennis courts are  restricted to members and guests only.

Tennis and rubber soled athletic shoes only.

No cycling, skateboarding, skating allowed.

When members or guests are waiting for open court or basketball hoop, existing users shall cooperate with waiting members by ceasing their facility use within a reasonable time but no later than one hour after being asked.

No trash or empty containers should be left in the court.

No glass containers are allowed in the court.

No dogs allowed.

Patrician Shores Association

Meredith , New Hampshire