Membership Meeting Minutes- May 2023

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The PSA meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m., by President Joe Griffin
Welcome & Opening Remarks – President Joe Griffin
● Joe welcomed everyone, stating it was wonderful to see folks returning to enjoy a fun-filled summer in our
beautiful community.
● Joe moved onto a few housekeeping items:
o We ask that those wishing to speak to stand or raise their hand to be recognized, step to the
podium and use the microphone in order to be heard by the Secretary and other members.
Thank you.
Roll Call – Cindy White, Secretary
● Roll call was taken, and a quorum was reached with 56 members present and 1 proxy. For a total of 57
● Marty agreed we have a quorum.
Moment of Silence – President Joe Griffin
● Joe asked the members present to please stand and join him for a moment of silent prayer for “Charter”
member Theresa Boucher and Past Board member Eddie Baker along with all deceased members of the Patrician
Shores community. Thank you.
Welcome to the Neighborhood President Joe Griffin
Welcome to the newest members of our community.
● Peter Alduino & Susan Puglia of Yorktown Heights, NY who recently purchased 24 Patrician Shores Circle.

Special Thanks – President Joe Griffin
Appreciation extended to the following members and committees:
● Tashia Spencer and Suzanne Fiala for the wonderful refreshments this morning.
● Dick Percoski and Frank Baudanza for their diligence in managing our water system and; for the many
hours spent chasing water leaks in our aging water system.
● Carole Mostoller, Harvey Weintrob and Armand Paquin for their willingness to assist with the
many projects that keep our community as beautiful as it is.

● Steve Donovan for his work cleaning & for setting up the hall for this meeting.
● Stephanie for her work on the Patrician Edition newsletter.
● Special thanks to the Committee Chairs and members for freely giving of their time working on
on behalf of the membership.
● Special thanks to my wife, Ellen, for her assistance, understanding & patience as we continue to
work on behalf of PSA.
● Thanks to my fellow Board members for their continuing support & willingness to tackle new assignments.
Special thanks to the numerous volunteers who step forward to assist with the
many projects we undertake each year including repairs to the picnic tables, kayak racks, Rec.
Hall and other projects.
● Lastly, thanks to you, the members, for your ongoing support and understanding as we, your
Board, continue to work to keep this “special place” the wonderful community that it is.

Project Updates – President Joe Griffin
● The Tennis court repairs, and court line painting has been arranged, we have contracted with a company out of
Vermont that we have used before, we are on their schedule list, however, their priority is to service summer
camps first before they are able to get to our courts.
● The picnic tables on the beach – several have rotted wood that will be replaced with the help of volunteers.
● The memorial bricks at the beach, a critter burrowed under, and they are all uneven these will be reset in the
next few weeks.
● Front entrance sign, retaining and planting walls has started. A new Hydrangea was planted on May 26th.
Those that assisted with Phase 2 of the sign planter were: Joe Griffin, Wayne Morrison, Bill Cronin, Dan Cronin,
Eric Fitch, Armand Paquin, Eric Morrison, Carole Mostoller, Dick Percoski and Frank Baudanza. Thanks to Larry
Scanlon for his design assistance.
● Parts of the Recreation Hall have some rotting siding that will be replaced within the Board’s discretionary
spending limit.
Financial Report – Steve Spencer, Treasurer
● Dues were automatically issued on January 3

rd with a 5-month payment term from the date of issuance.
● Member dues collected this year are better than last year at this time, but still slightly lower than our recent
average (~70%). Assumption is members have returned to their pre-covid 19 habits.
● Steve thanked all who had paid their invoices.
● As a friendly reminder we have a generous payment term. Failure to pay dues prior to June 3rd will result in a
delinquency fee charged. No exceptions will be given unless the member makes an effort to communicate the
extenuating circumstances.
● Considerable effort has been made in automating our member data and invoices in QuickBooks online. A
Reminder that there is an onus on members to update contact information especially your email with the
secretary (
● Thank you to the members who have used the online payment functionality!
Highlighted Expenses
● Key association expenses were reviewed with the membership.
● There was one water system leak repaired this past fall which has become typical over the past few years.
● Invoicing for repairs to the Tennis courts, as previously approved, has not been submitted as mentioned earlier
as there is a delay in the work being done.
Account Balances

● To simplify our accounting process and eliminate manual errors a new transfer of all fees collected and
uncollected will take place once a year in May from the general fund to the prospective accounts. The transfer
for this year is complete and therefore the water and dock checking accounts reflect the full year’s fees.
● General Fund balances are in line with previous years and are sufficient for the foreseeable expenses in FY23.
● Despite several leak repairs the Water Fund balances have increased thanks to the dues increase of ‘22. If we
can keep expenses in check, we should be able to contribute back to the capital account starting in 2024 or
towards additional improvements.
● Dock checking and Capital Funds were drawn down approximately five years ago to support the planned dock
improvement project. The accounts had very modest gains over those years and therefore no contributions
were made to the capital fund which resulted in an increase in this year’s dock fee. We are in a more positive
financial position for short-term expenses and are looking better to be able to contribute to long-term savings.
● PWC checking account balances were decreased as planned for storage improvements. The deficiency in this
account will be repaid as mooring fees are collected.
● The board’s long-term goal is to continue to improve our community assets while maintaining fiscal responsibility
and build reserves for future unexpected expenditures or planned capital improvements.
● Inflation continues to be a concern and it is Steve’s expectation that our costs will continue to rise for the
foreseeable future.
● Our investment income has reduced over recent years. This is consistent with current market conditions and is
being monitored for possible future recommendations to the board.
● Steve opened the floor for questions, and there were no questions.
Committee Reports:
Activities Committee Update Activities committee chair – Ginny Baudanza
● The activities committee has met a couple of times and there is a lot going on and waiting to be finalized, once
that is done Ginny will get the activities calendar out to the membership.
Some of the items to look for on the calendar are.
o Music nights on the beach – possibly 3
o Mahjong lessons provided by Barbara Goren
o Theater shows – 4 followed by dinner at Giuseppe’s.
o looking to do some game nights.
o looking for vendors for a spaghetti supper.
o Trivia Night
o Beer & Bourbon for the guys
o Book club on the beach
o Stay tuned…

PSA Website Update Communications committee chair – Mary Hettinger
● There have been questions on why we don’t print membership information any longer and there are two
reasons, one is privacy concerns and two the cost.
● A few short years ago we did a website rework and there is a member only section that has a member directory
and we ask that every member log in there and then you can choose what information you would like to share
with the community.
● Mary created a step-by-step tutorial that will go out with the meeting minutes.
Water Committee Update Frank Baudanza
● Frank has met with two Hydrologists and well specialists and the DES and when that due diligence is complete
the Board will give a water system update. Our system kept up with demands last summer. Will soon flush the
system which is a good periodic practice. Frank asked the membership questions, and there were none.

Dock Committee Update Dock committee chair – Bill Holbrook
● Minor damage to the docks this winter and that has been taken care of.
● There are several PWC moorings that need to be replaced, however the water has been too high.
● Lottery for Jet Ski Moorings is $50
● After the meeting Bill requested volunteers to help bring the Jet Ski Ramps down and get them in place.
● Bill asked the membership for any questions, and there were none.

Old Business – President Joe Griffin

● Joe asked membership for a motion to accept the September 2022 minutes. Jay Boucher made the
motion, and it was seconded. The vote was unanimous.

New Business – President Joe Griffin

● Al Dwire asked if the washed-out staircase to the beach could be addressed – Joe responded it would be
looked into.
● Tony Volpe asked if the painting of the basketball courts would include pickleball – and Joe responded
● John Lauer asked if we could look into replacing the basketball hoop as that sees a lot of use and could
use replacement – Joe responded it could be looked into.
● Barbara Goren – let everyone know that she had someone coming to the Hall on June 5th at 10 to teach
Mahjong. Barbara also wanted to address a concern about the amount of noise that pickleball can
cause, especially for those who live adjacent to the courts, something like wrapping the bottom of the
fence. Joe said they would look into options.
● Joe mentioned that two Board member terms will expire at the end of 2023 and asked all members to
consider participating on PSA’s Board. The two existing Board members may agree to continue subject
to member approval.
Adjournment – President Joe Griffin
Following adjournment, a lottery for the PWC positions will be held. A valid PWC registration must be presented
to participate in the lottery. The fee is $50.00 payable at the end of the lottery.
A call for a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Joe Griffin; a motion was made by Derek Witham and a second
was made by Jay Boucher all were in favor.
Meeting adjourned at 10:39 am.


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